We help you automate all aspects of your Chama

Chamasoft automates the operations of investment groups, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets and bulky write up, making the work of financial book keeping within the group easier.


Chamasoft Features

Transactions Management

Chamasoft acts as an online treasurer. All one does is record payments and Chamasoft reconciles the records.

Membership Management

Chamasoft allows you to register all your members on the system where they access their Chama records online.

Loans Management

For Chamas that do internal lending, Chamasoft provides a platform for managing these loans.

Member Fining

You are able to set up different fine categories for fine that members are subjected to.

Group Communication

We offer you various channels through which you can easily communicate with your members.

Group Investments

Manage your group investments and track your portfolio on Chamasoft. Use our comprehensive investments module to…


Provide various reports that are simple to understand and yet quite comprehensive.

Income & Expense Management

Manage your group income and expenses through categories.

Backdating Records

You can easily backdate your group finances during the group set up by filling an excel file and uploading it to the system.